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Hello! I'm CJ

Rising Above: A Journey of Marketing Mastery

Certified SCRUM Master and Professional Innovator (IAOIP)


  • The Spark: Began in the era of Yahoo, where I discovered my calling in marketing.

  • The Growth: Thrived as a marketing specialist, mastering web content and storytelling using SEO and Paid Advertising.

  • The Experience: Ventured into high-stakes digital advertising. Managed $100K+ accounts, honing skills in Google and Bing Ads, and reveling in the tangible results of my strategies. Over $10 million managed in ad spend.

  • Toastmasters: Elevated my public speaking and leadership with Toastmasters, earning the Competent Leader Award and captivating audiences.

  • The Expertise: Renowned for converting data into strategies, leading campaigns and teams with unmatched skill.

  • The Vision: Poised for new heights, I'm ready to drive further innovation and inspire marketing excellence.

Charanjit "CJ" Suman | SEO | PPC | Digital Marketing

Charanjit "CJ" Suman

Digital Marketer




Melbourne, FL 32901

Date of Birth:

October 03


Download My Brand Book

While a resume addresses my professional experience, this brand book provides 'how and why' - the values, beliefs and approach informing the
decisions that builds a career.



December 2023 - Ongoing

DirectiveGroup Inc.

  • Executed multi-channel B2B paid marketing campaigns, driving a 25% increase in lead generation within the first quarter by leveraging strategic bid management and targeted ad placements including programmatic advertising using StackAdapt.

  • Conducted comprehensive paid advertising audits for existing B2B clients, identifying optimization opportunities that led to a 15% reduction in cost per lead (CPL).

  • Oversaw the strategic allocation of digital advertising budgets across Google and Bing ads, optimizing spend and achieving a 40% increase in overall campaign efficiency within three months.

  • Utilized advanced analytics tools such as GA4 and data visualization tools to measure campaign performance, enabling real-time adjustments that consistently outperformed industry benchmarks by at least 15%.

Paid Digital and Social Strategist

October 2020 - Ongoing

Paid and Organic Search Marketing Strategist

Rock Paper Simple

  • Achieved business goals through increased return on investment for paid search campaigns by 15% in 3 months via optimization and implementation of creative tactics.

  • Developed paid search strategy to support defined objectives and achieved clients' goals in 3 months, increasing performance by 40%.

  • Increased CTRs by 20% in 3 months through optimization of keyword bids and ad copy, resulting in lower CPCs.

  • Grew paid search performance 30% YOY in 3 months, boosting ROI and client satisfaction.

May 2019 to August 2019

Marketing Intern


  • Led a cross-functional performance marketing team of 16 in launching the HLE (off-airport rental) project across legal, CRM, marketing, promotions, and development teams. Launched the project in 6 weeks, working across a matrix organization and managing 20 different client pages daily.

  • Led paid search project strategy to increase ROI leveraging Google Ads and Analytics.

  • Improved paid search performance by 24% within 3 months, utilizing project management and Google Ads expertise exceeding business objectives.

Jan 2019 – May 2019

Marketing Intern

Crane Creek Landings

  • Developed engaging creative narratives and optimized webpages with relevant keywords.

  • Enhanced existing pages with new images, persuasive copy, and impactful call-to-action. Implemented landing page optimization strategies to decrease the bounce rate and improve user experience.

  • Orchestrated cross-channel social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Nov 2014 – April 2018

CDK Global (Now Ansira)

Digital Marketing Analyst

  • Developed a strategy for new marketing campaigns (planning, execution, and analysis) across digital channels (Display, SEM, CSEs, and Affiliates) utilizing the salesforce marketing cloud and custom data reports developed in Tableau.

  • Oversaw existing campaigns and set up and maintained search and display campaigns in Google and Bing Ads platforms with over 100K per month accounts.

  • Streamlined the website onboarding process and reduced overall time spent onboarding a new website. Mentored new hires, reviewed websites for necessary content changes and SEO performance issues, and perform site audits.

Mastering Platforms, Maximizing Potential

Google Ads

Meta (Facebook) Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Instagram Ads

TikTok Ads

Bing Ads



Marketing Strategy To Attract And Retain Talent

Saddle Creek Logistics

  • Used the DMAIC model to implement a new paid media campaign to increase engagement rate. Reduce wasted spending and overcome the hit-and-miss advertising strategy for their recruitment.

  • Created and executed programmatic advertising campaigns with a new "Rallying Cry" across Facebook, Google Ads, Podcasts, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, career fairs, and radio, targeting diverse geographic, lifestyle, and media audiences.

Marketing Data Analytics to Increase the Store's Profitability E-Commerce Website


  • Analyzed data using Excel Pivot Table and SAP Predictive Analytics. Examined data was examined in four different dimensions: customer, time, product, and external data source.

  • Audited the website's performance, SEO, and PPC to discover missed opportunities. Using data analytics, I identified low-selling products with higher profit margins and created marketing strategies.




Master's Degree

GPA 4.00

Florida Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Forensics


Florida Institute of Technology

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

MBA Degree

GPA 3.66


Master's Degree

GPA 3.00

Rani Durgavati University

Master of Science in Marketing


Bachelor's Degree

GPA 3.00

G.S College of Commerce

Bachelor in Business Administration

Right Fit For You

Since you have reached so far, here is a FREE get-to-know-me more resource for you, please download it. Strategy creation is my best skill throughout the digital advertising process. Intensive data research, building customer avatar, understanding customer value journey are among few I love to come up with while creating a strategy. Want to learn more about my SEO and PPC professional journey? Download my resume.






Car Rentals

Food and Restaurants

Real Estate

Industry and Commercial Equipment


Nilesh Patil - Digital Transformation Leader

“CJ is amazing at his job! He knows his way around people, he is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. The collaboration was very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success."

Ranel Castro, Head of Marketing & Co-Founder at Swagger

"I was Charanjit Suman, MBA supervisor at Hertz and I can attest to his hard work, dedication and positive attitude in the face of very difficult assignments, high expectations and short time period. Most importantly, CJ delivered, period. He completed his primary assignment and launched a product that we had been working on for some time with little success. He did it by being hyper-focused, diligent and by persevering when faced with challenges. I highly recommend him for employment."

Melanie Dragan, Enterprise SEO Leader

“I had the pleasure to work with CJ during his internship at Hertz. I was continually impressed with his knowledge, work ethic, and teamwork. He is both a humble and ambitious young man. He has a thorough understanding of SEO and we worked closely together on an important project improving the web presence of our off-airport locations. CJ would be an asset to any team and it is my pleasure to recommend him.”


On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Google and Bing Ads (Search, Display, Video and Shopping)

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

Competitive Assessment

Campaign Performance Analysis and SEO and PPC Audits

Google Tag Manager

Vision, Mission and
Core Competencies


Where I See Myself

How I Act for Vision

Core Competencies: They Form The Code By Which I Live And Work

To be recognized as an admirable
leader, value generator and
trusted colleague...

By creating a legacy of achievement on the basis of character, hard work, compassion, performance and leadership.

Honesty: Integrity, character are the drivers of my bahavior.

Teamwork: Understanding my contribution to the overall improvement of the organization.

Curiosity:  Engage in lifetime growth by taking on new challenges, embracing diverse forms of thinking.

Pursuit of Excellence: Taking ownership in my work, actions and life, delivering the highest quality.

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